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How To Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

Ways to improve your laptop battery life for better performance!

Want to improve laptop battery life and make your laptop battery run more efficiently? Sure! Most of what you need to do is make a few slight changes to the manner in which you use your laptop. Adhere to these tips and tricks to get the best out of your laptop battery!

1. Change the power mode to improve your laptop battery life

Your Windows laptop will automatically switch to battery saver mode when its battery gets critically low. However, you are able to alter the power mode manually to speedily improve your battery’s performance so it runs more efficiently. This will be especially handy when you’re in for a lengthy day of computer use and won’t have time to charge.

Select the battery symbol on the taskbar of your laptop to access your battery settings. Select Battery Settings and then Battery Saver toggle to set your laptop into battery saver mode. It’s also possible to set your laptop to turn battery saver on automatically at certain percentages, or to always have it on. This is will massively improve your laptop battery life and performance.

2. Change the Sleep mode settings.

A quick and simple way to improve your battery’s longevity is by altering the Power and Sleep settings on your Windows laptop. To achieve this, select the battery symbol on your taskbar and then click on battery settings. Click on the power and sleep settings and change the settings for the times when your laptop will sleep. To do this use the dropdown boxes.

3. To improve laptop battery life ensure that you have enough RAM.

Dell, a Computer manufacturer, provided an interesting tip to improve your laptop battery life and longevity: Ensure that you have enough RAM to complete your tasks. If a computer is able to store information in your RAM instead of on the hard drive, it will.

This acts as a much faster way to claim data, and also prevents your hard drive from functioning as much, which is something that substantially drains your battery.

4. Regulate the apps impacting your battery the greatest.

Your Windows laptop could be running many apps automatically on start up or in the background without you knowing. A good way to enhance and improve your laptop battery life and better performance. You can do this checking every application and developing and modifying its default settings to reduce its drain on your battery.

To gain access to this, select the battery icon on the taskbar of your laptop and then click on Battery Settings. You are now able to review the battery usage of each app and alter these settings on those apps so as to stop them from running in the background.

5. Purchase an SSD (Solid-State Drive).

It is highly recommended to swap out your hard drive for a solid-state drive if you don’t already possess one. Solid-state drives function using flash memory, which needs much less energy to operate than a mechanical HDD. Furthermore, SSDs have many other benefits. They allow your computer to run much faster due to it being able to access files quicker.

6. Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Wireless networking can substantially diminish your Windows laptop battery during the day when left on. Even if you’re connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your laptop may still be looking for other connections. Although it’s minor, enduring that connection does drain much of your laptop’s battery power.

Switching either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi off when not currently in use can help to significantly improve your laptop battery life, enhance and boost the battery performance of your Windows laptop.

To alter wireless networking options to on or off, simply select the Action Centre button (the tiny square symbol in the bottom right of the taskbar). Select either the Network button, or the Bluetooth button, and disable as applicable.

7. Reduce your screen brightness to improve your battery life.

A major cause of battery drainage is the brightness of a laptop display being set very high. One automatic way to advance your laptop battery performance is to reduce the screen display brightness.

To access and alter the brightness of your screen, press on the Action Centre button (the mini square symbol in the bottom right of the taskbar), and move the slider towards the left to dull the brightness.

To conclude, there are a multitude of reasons as to why your battery performance could be below average. However, there are simple ways to improve and enhance your Windows laptop battery’s performance. These can range from changing the power, sleep mode settings, switching of your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to maybe even purchasing an SSD.

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