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iPads & other tablets Setup

Having an iPad or tablet troubles? We can help! We’re experts on every brand: Apple, Samsung, Windows, and all the others! Let us help you be more connected with family and friends, more productive and more entertained.

New tablet setup & training
Your local Capetown iT Support Tech will help you set up your new tablet and show you how to get the most out of it. There’s so much you can use it for: to send and receive emails, download and play music and movies, download and read eBooks, view and share photos with family and friends, keep an online calendar that will sync across other devices like your smartphone and/or your computer, etc.

Setting up your devices so that each sync with the other is great because it means that you can access the same things on every device. Have you downloaded a song on your tablet but want to listen to it on your computer? No worries, it’ll be there! Did you put an appointment in your calendar using your smartphone? It’ll appear in your calendar on your computer too!

App suggestions
‘App’ is a term used to describe software applications that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. There truly is one for almost anything these days. You may want us to help you install an app for a video streaming service like Netflix, ShowMax etc so that you can watch TV shows and movies on your iPad or Tablet. Are you a Netflix or DSTV subscriber? Get us to set up your iPad or other tablets so that you can watch your favorite shows when you’re the road!

Tablet apps can help you stay organized and be more productive too. You can do banking online using any of the major South African banks’ apps. Having Dropbox installed on your tablet means that you’ll be able to access any important files you’ve stored in that folder on your computer from your tablet, no matter where in the world you are!

Check our iMac Repair Services

At Capetown iT Support most of our iMac repairs and upgrades can be completed in as little as a few hours. We understand that your iMac is an important part of your daily life and you want it repaired as quickly as possible… we make that happen!

  • iMac Hardrive Repair
  • iMac LCD Screen Repair
  • Spinning Beach-Ball / Cursor
  • iMac Diagnostic Service
  • Memory Upgrade
  • iOs Operating System Installation

Need computer repair services? Here at Capetown iT Support we make sure that every technician has the technical expertise, experience and, above all, a great personality to provide the best computer repairs, PC or IT support services right across Capetown. Request a Tech or contact us today.

Our Certified Technician is awaiting call 021 910 0060 / 076 185 6977

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We help home and office users focus on running their business and we take care of the iT headaches

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