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Hi, You have made the best decision to trust our services. We hold our quality of service so dearly and don’t entertain disappointments.

So, this is what will happen next…

Our command center will check your appointment details and quickly allocate a competent Technician. Then assign him/her to your appointment and send you the technician’s details along with the date and time to attend the appointment.

In case your issues need clarity, the command center will be in touch to ensure that your issue is very clear before dispatching the technician.

Please note that all our technicians have our Company Identifications and follow strict Covid-19 Standard operating procedures.

In the event where our technician delays for any reason, the command center, and the technician will be in constant contact with you to ensure that you are aware of what’s happening.

Now, lay back and relax! Cape Town IT support will be there shortly to relieve you of your Technology pain.

In the meantime, please read some of our frequently asked questions below.

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Why is there a charge for same-day service?

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What happens if the repair takes less than an hour?

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What happens if I am not happy with the service?

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