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Setup or Repair Wi-Fi or Wireless Network

Haven’t experienced the enormous benefits of a Wi-FI or wireless home network yet? It might be time to! A home network will allow you to share an internet connection and printer as well as other files like documents, spreadsheets, movies and music between as many computers as you like. We will:

  • Setup a network between your computers
  • Create network share locations
  • Enable shared printers and media devices
  • Connect other networkable devices
  • Setup your Wireless Router
  • Setup and Configure your Wi-Fi
  • Advise how to boost your Network
  • Repair conflicting Device IP Addresses 
wifi setup and repair
wifi setup and repair

Need Network Wired or Wireless repair services? Here at Capetown iT Support, we make sure that every technician has the technical expertise, experience and, above all, a great personality to provide the best computer repairs, PC or IT support services right across Capetown. Request a Tech or contact us today.

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