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Hardware troubleshooting

Hardware troubleshooting steps

I’m sure we’ve all been in the predicament where our screen randomly goes clear, when we aren’t able to close an app or don’t hear anything coming from our speakers. The real question here is what do you do?  Well, firstly these issues listed above are known as hardware issues. Hardware defects can make problems call for physical fixes. Fixing hardware problems range from connecting devices to handling a screwdriver to your computer for on-hand work.

What are the common causes of Hardware issues?

Power Problems:

This happens when your PC isn’t receiving the appropriate amount power it needs to function.

Client Errors:

Opening up your PC and toying with all of the parts can negatively affect your PC especially when its portable PC such as a laptop.

Extreme weather conditions:

For example, intense heat can damage device internal or external parts.

What is Hardware Troubleshooting?

This is a process of analysing, diagnosing, and discovering operational or mechanical defects within a hardware device or equipment. The main aim is to fix physical and/or logical flaws within the computer hardware. This process is done by a hardware or technical support technician.

A few general tips for Hardware Troubleshooting:

There are a number of things that could be causing the problems with your computer but regardless investigating will always be a journey of experimentation. You will have to use different distinct methods before disclosing the problems as the issues will range in difficulty.

How do you begin hardware troubleshooting?

  • Check the cables

If you’re having difficulty with a specific piece of equipment, the initial first step is to ensure that the connected links are appropriately associated.

  • Restart your PC

Restarting the computer is a good method to try and can deal with a lot of basic issues that you may experience with your computer.

  • Restart the software

Software problems can arise from a difference with other programs or difficulties encountered by the software when starting up. Shutting it (the program) down and restarting it can at times solve these problems.

  • Go to the internet for advice.

No matter what software problems you have, it is guaranteed that someone else has had those problems as well. The internet provides you with the best chances of finding help.

Here are a few places to begin with:

Search for solutions- In your question, include the software program name and version, the problem you’re having, and the conditions under which the problem took place. If you received a specific error message, enter the error message text verbatim, together with the name of the application.

Look at the website of the vendor- Most software vendors provide some kind of help, such as answers to common queries, product documentation, or user chat forums.

Check other websites- TechSoup’s article Learning About Technology Online details a few other websites that provide technology tutorials, essays as well as discussion forums.

  • Run a thorough virus scan- This is a really effective way to ensure the prevention of problems with your PC in the future. What you want to do first is fire up your virus-scanning software, and launch the most comprehensive scan available, and leave it to do its job. Make sure to acknowledge that the most thorough kind of scan, which looks at most if not all your files and requires a long time, may not be your computers default. Also make sure your scanner is up date, as to catch the current wave of bad code.

You might also want to install a second layer of protection alongside your main security software such as Kaspersky Security Scan for Windows or macOS and many others. This is because threats can be missed by antivirus scanners.


To conclude hardware issues are issues that can create problems that require physical fixing. Hardware troubleshooting is the process of evaluating, analysing and diagnosing flaws within hardware of equipment. The methods used when troubleshooting equipment will differ each time as each problem will alter in difficulty.



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