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How Much Does A Computer Repair Cost

Find Out How much does a Computer repair cost

This question may not have a general answer. A Computer might have different repair costs due to the fact that there is more than one thing that could go wrong with a Computer. However, in this article, I will give you different repair cost details associated with possible Computer faults.


The focus of this article is on a desktop Computer repair cost. For laptops please see how much does it cost to repair a Laptop


Computer problems are categorized into 2 main areas

  1. Software

  2. Hardware


Computer Repairs Costs For Software Problems

  • Windows Operating System Software repair cost ranges from R450.

Window operating system problems can be in very many different forms but the common ones are:-

Boot up issues

This is where the computer is switched on but cannot get into what we normally call windows. In other words, it does not allow you to use the computer. These issues could give you a blank black screen or a blue screen. Repair for such issues would involve re-installing the operating system or simply repairing the file or files that are probably got corrupt.

The most challenge with this repair is that you may lose your data if you don`t use best-known practices that involve backing up data. Be warned that only raw data can be backed up such as pictures, music documents (word, excel, pdf). You will have to reinstall your applications after the windows operating system re-installation.

The cost for this repair might also involve a hard drive replacement which Computer hard drive replacement costs (in 2021) range from R600 for a 500GB SATA 3.5inch hard drive.

Application software issues –without applications, the Computer might not be that much useful unfortunately these applications tend to misbehave and would require repair.

The cost for Computer application software repair ranges from R450 in a workshop to R600 per hour for call-outs.

Application Software Examples

  • Installing and setting up Microsoft office packages (including the outlook for emails)
  • Installing system drivers that allow devices such as sound speaker printers to communicate with the Computer

Email Application Software

This is one of the most important application software, especially within the business fraternity. Setting up emails in Microsoft outlook can be daunting hence a need for someone to do it professionally.

There are other email applications such as Mozilla thunderbird but outlook is the most used. Setting Microsoft outlook costs range from R450 at a workshop center to R600/hr. for a call out

See –advantages and disadvantages of call-outs for Computer repairs


Printer Settings & Troubleshooting

Printing documents in an office or business is inevitable. Whether you have purchased a new one or having trouble with your old printer you might need someone to come and help.

Printers tend to have quite confusing errors that you may not need to spend much time figuring out other than getting a specialist to come fix it. The cost to set up a printer or fix printer errors ranges from R450 at a workshop to R600 per hour for call-out services.

See –advantages and disadvantages of using a computer repair workshop


How Much Does It Cost To Repair Computer Hardware?

A desktop Computer has different parts that make it run and usable. These parts are electronic parts that can get at fault at any time. When your Computer’s hard drives break you might not be able to use it hence need a professional to get it repaired. The following are the most common Computer hard drive that are repaired most.

  1. Computer hard drive repair

A computer hard drive is like your file cabinet where all your files are kept such as your operating system, applications, music, videos, documents, etc. it is very important to ensure that your Computer hard drive runs healthy at all times otherwise you might lose your valuable data.


Causes Of A Hard Drive Fault

Improper shutdown

This is when instead of carefully following the normal shutdown as in clicking start and power shutdown, the user just hard presses the physical switch or forces the computer to shut down. This is like strangling or choking the Computer and it can result in a hard drive failure.

Because as the computer runs, the hard drive keeps working and preparing files in a rotational manner and when it is abruptly switched off the internal hard drive mechanism might get affected.


How much does a Computer hard drive repair cost?

Hard drive format and software re-installation cost from R600 at a workshop to R600 per hour on call out. Hard drive formatting means resetting the hard drive to factory settings. However, if the hard drive fault is big you will need to replace the hard drive.

The challenge here is that you might lose your valuable data. If the hard drive internal mechanism didn`t have too much fault an experienced technician would find a way to retrieve and back up your data. Computer hard drive replacement range from R650 for 500GB plus labor to install the software and applications from R450 in a workshop and R600 /hr for call-out services, Back-up and restore might be charged

See –avoiding computer workshop hassles by using convenient call-out services.


  1. Computer memory repair

    The memory of a computer commonly known as RAM helps the computer to keep & remember the necessary commands involved in the computing process. Ram does not often get faulty but you cannot rule out the possibility.

    At most, repairing a memory would be upgrading it by adding more to the Computer to increase or optimize performance. Cost of a Computer memory range from R350 for a 512MB memory card. Installation range from R250 in a workshop and R600 /hr for call-out service therefore, if your Computer is slowing you down, an upgrade could give you up to 70% improvement in performance.


CAUTION:    A faulty RAM could result in a Computer not to display


  1. Power Supply

    A computer uses electricity to power it up. This electricity gets into the Computer a power supply which supplies power to the mainboard where all your Computer components are connected. When the power supply fails, the Computer will obviously not switch on.

    The most common Computer power supply fault source is Power Supply –when electricity is lost and suddenly comes back with more force than needed while the computer power supply has the power plugged in the wall.

    This is common during loading shedding. A Computer power supply repair/replacement cost is from R 450 for a 350 watts power supply part and labor from R250 at a workshop or up to R600/hr for call-out services.


TIP: always remove the Computer power supply lead from the wall plug when there is load shedding.


Computer Motherboard Repair

As the name suggests, this is the mother of all components and devices that makes it possible for the computer to operate. If this motherboard has any issue the Computer might not switch on. Probable causes of a motherboard failure are:-

  • Power supply –where power is lost and gets back with more than usual power current
  • Water damage –if by any means the Computer motherboard is exposed to water or liquid this could damage the electronic components on the motherboard hence rendering the motherboard faulty


How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Computer Motherboard?

Computer motherboard repair is one of the advanced repairs in Computer services. If the Computer motherboard components are at fault, an experienced technician will need to test, identify and replace those components. At times there could be way too many faulty components which could lead to getting a complete motherboard replacement.

Unlike laptop motherboard repair, it is possible to replace the desktop Computer motherboard with a new one. Though there could be compatibility issues an experienced technician will be able to advise.

CAUTION:   If the motherboard is faulty Computer will not switch on and lights will not be visible.

Computer motherboard repair costs range from R600 at a workshop excluding parts i.e. IC Chips and most components’ costs range from R750. A completely new motherboard replacement cost range from R1500 (part only). Installation and setup range from R600 at a workshop and R600/hr for call-out services.


How Much Does A Computer Display Repair Cost?

One of the most disturbing problems with a Computer is when you switch it on and you can`t see anything on your screen. This issue can be a result of different causes but I will list the common ones.

Graphic card.

Most Computer motherboards come with a graphics port where you can connect your screen or monitor. This is normally called an onboard graphics card. However, this onboard has basic graphical power that doesn`t suit most heavy graphics users such as gamers or graphical application users.

Therefore, this results in adding a graphics card to the motherboard. At times these graphics cards get faulty and the Computer loses display. A graphics card cost range from R1000. Installation cost from R450 at a workshop and R600/hr for call-out services


Computer Does Not Switch On

This is the most stressful problem. When you switch on the Computer and there is no response from the Computer. This happens mostly in 2 ways:

  • The Computer is switched on and you can feel it’s powered on but there is no display. If this is what you are experiencing then this could be a result of  Computer display problems.
  • The Computer does not have power at all; there are no lights on the computer box. This issue might be a result of the following:

Computer not plugged in power:

There is a very common underrated mistake where the Computer power plug is either out of the electricity plug on the wall plug or not plugged in the Computer power supply

Faulty Power Supply – cost from R450 part supply and labor from R250

If the power supply of the Computer has a fault, the Computer will not switch not on. The power supply is the main power receiver that supplies power to the Computer`s motherboard.

 Faulty Computer Box Switch On Button

The Computer has a switch button that you press to power it on. In some cases, the button would be pushed in hard to cause some of the wires inside to detach. This might cause the computer not to switch on due to the switch effect

Water or Liquid Damage

If your computer has been exposed to water or liquid this would affect the internal parts such as the motherboard and power supply causing it not to switch


Other Related Computer Hardware Repair:

I admit that all the above computer repair issues are not close to a complete list of many issues that can go wrong in a computer. However, those are most of the common primary major issues that you might come across in computer repair.

There are some other minor issues such as the following:

  1. Computer USB Ports not working – Cost from R450

    USB ports are very important on a computer because most of the inputs such as Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Flash Drive, etc are connected through USB ports. It is common where USB ports might not recognize the devices connected. This is mainly a result of 2 main issues:

    – USB Drivers might be having issues and this can be resolved by uninstalling the USB devices from Device Manager and restarting the computer.

    – The worst case would be the actual USB port failure.  Luckily most current Computer Motherboards come with more than 1 USB port. There is a good chance that other USB Ports could be working.

    – Another factor is your device cannot be recognized on a computer could be that the actual device (Keyboard or Mouse or Flash Drive) might be faulty.

  2. No Sound from your computer Audio jack – Cost from R500

    This is one of the common non-major issues where you cannot get audio from your computer.  In most cases, the following could be the reason:

    – You are plugging the speaker cable, headphone, or headset in the wrong audio port. Most computers come with a sound card that has 3 ports (Audio-in, Audio Out, and Microphone). It is very common to plug your sound device in the wrong port.

    – Sound drivers might be at fault which can be resolved by a simple windows update or finding your motherboard manufacturer website and downloading and installing the right drivers.

    – In some cases, your speakers, headphone, or headset might be broken or at fault.

  3. No Network Connection on your computer – Cost from R450

    Connecting to a network is probably one of the major uses of a computer today. At times, you might experience issues with your computer network. This could be a cable network connection or wireless connection.

    Cable Network:

    Most Computer Motherboards come with a cable network connection normally called LAN (Local Area Network) Connection and you might experience some issues sometimes. These are the common LAN or Wireless connection issues:

    – Computer cannot recognize the cable connection: This might be a result of missing network drivers and a windows update might resolve it. Alternatively, you might need to visit your motherboard manufacturer, download and install the right drivers.

    – Cable is recognized and connected but you cannot access the internet or you see a limited connection with a yellow exclamation mark. This is normally related to network configuration issues such as Incorrect IP addresses, Router not being connected to the Internet. (Solution for these issues is too broad for this article but in most cases contacting your service provider will get you less stressed)

    – Wireless Connection cannot pick your wireless device (Router or Access Point). This is also related to device setup and configuration.

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt that I have not completely exhausted all the issues a computer can have as well as how much it cost for each issue. However, I think I have made an attempt to give you most of the major problems with cost approximate. This should give you a  starting point to make an informed decision before being ripped off by some unfair computer repair companies or individuals.

I would appreciate any feedback by commenting below from your experience that could help me and others who might relate to it.



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