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Should You Replace, Repair or Upgrade Your Computer?

Should You Replace, Repair or Upgrade Your Computer?

It is a challenge to keep up with all the latest Tech. From laptops to cell phones – everything seems to be out of date before you can even get your hands on them!


When dealing with your computer systems, it can be difficult to tell when you should replace your machine or if you should repair and possibly upgrade it. So, how do you decide whether to repair or replace your computer?

Do you currently need repair services?

Decide whether your computer is meeting your/your business’ needs at the moment or if it is not meeting your needs due to malfunctions, lack of speed, memory, or capability to help you get work done. If you fall into the latter scenario, you should take immediate action. Consulting an experienced I.T professional would be the right first step to take in evaluating whether you should repair or replace your computer.


How old is your machine?

The age of your computer is a very important factor. In general, most appliances have a predictable and measurable life span. Depending on the quality of the computer at its original purchase, this lifespan is between 3 and 7 years.

The reason computers have lifespans are as follows:

  • Durability: Cheap computers are inexpensive due to the way corners are cut in their manufacturing. They are manufactured with cheap materials and this can result in them being entirely unable to function after only a few years of normal use.
  • Frequently breaking down: Electronics tend to break down randomly, and while this can happen early in a computer’s lifespan, older computers are more likely to have frequent breakdowns (often at the most inopportune times too). Hard drives are the most failure-prone component in computers, each year of age increases the chances of a hard drive breaking down.
  • Outdated Software: Computers are limited in their ability to update software. There will be newer Operating Systems that your computer will not be able to use. This leaves your computer open to major security issues such as virus infections. Many newer software programs, as well as websites, will be incompatible with your computer.
  • Processing Power: Computers update their software and Operating Systems, resulting in websites becoming more complex in terms of visual and interactive effects. These updates require more power from the computer in order to work efficiently.


Many experts believe that after three years it is guaranteed that your computer will eventually experience mechanical failure. If your computer begins to malfunction within this time frame, you should compare the cost of repair (and labor) to the cost of investing in a new computer. It is important to make sure you receive a free quote including all of the variables before making a decision. Ensuring you are aware of soft costs will help you to decide on the most cost-effective plan of action.


Should You Repair Your Equipment?

Usually, repairs, especially for desktop computers, are low-cost. These repairs usually require a reinstalment of the Operating System or swapped-out components like a hard drive or a power supply. This is ultimately less expensive than biting the bullet and buying a new computer.

Laptops, however, can get trickier in terms of hardware, and it depends on the device when it comes to what can be replaced. In order to replace a part, it takes a little more labor to crack open a modern laptop. However, if the fix is a simple reinstall of Windows then it will most likely be cheaper than a new laptop.


Should You Upgrade Your Computer?

There are a few inexpensive and straightforward upgrades you can do:

Memory Upgrade: This is often the easiest upgrade you can do and is also very cost-effective. In order to cut costs, some vendors reduce the amount of memory their install in their systems. Upgrading to more gigabytes of memory will make a big difference in how responsively your computer performs.


Changing The Hard Drive From HDD To SSD:

A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a storage device that uses mechanical platters to read and/or write data. A Solid State Drive (SSD) uses flash memory to provide better performance and durability to an HDD. An SSD contains no moving parts, which makes it preferable over an HDD.  If you are not satisfied with your computer’s performance, replacing an HDD with an SSD can drastically increase your computer’s speed and load time.


New Display: Adding an LCD or flat-panel display will make your computer experience more enjoyable. That being said, this will not improve the performance of your computer. Provided your computer is less than 17” and you have the room, this upgrade can be cheaper than buying a new computer.


Should You Replace Your Computer?

While adding memory or swapping out an HDD for an SSD can make a lot of difference. Unfortunately, some PCs are limited in how responsive they are in accepting upgrades. If the memory is, say, soldered to the motherboard of your computer then you are limited in how much memory you can add. If you cannot upgrade your computer and it’s not cost-effective to repair it, then it is your best bet to replace it.


What To Decide

There is no single universal answer when it comes to whether you should repair, upgrade or replace your computer. A general rule of thumb is to compare the cost of a repair or upgrade to the age of your computer. For example, if your computer’s performance is lacking due to an old hard drive, then upgrading to an SSD would be a great course of action. However, if your computer isn’t working efficiently due to an old hard drive and the operating system and the CPU etc, then you should consider replacing it.

This question can be more difficult for some people to answer. Since every case is different, it is wise to consult one of our I.T Professionals on the steps you can take to getting your computer running smoothly and effectively.


Need computer repair or upgrade? Here at Capetown iT Support, we make sure that every technician has the technical expertise, experience, and, above all, a great personality to provide the best computer repairs, PC, or IT support services right across Capetown. Request a Tech or contact us today.

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