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How To Boost Your WiFi

How to boost your WiFi connection

You need to Boost your WiFi if you answer yes to the following:

  • Is streaming Netflix shows in your room impossible due to constant buffering?
  • Are you constantly having to move to different areas of our house to get speedy, consistent wifi?


If you are struggling with poor internet connection in some areas of your house or office wifi extenders, repeaters, and network booters are all great fixes to increase your wifi signal’s reach!

What is WiFi and How Does It Work?

WiFi, short for Wireless Fidelity, is a wireless networking technology that connects wireless compatible devices to the internet. Wifi converts the connection to the internet from the cable/modem that runs into the wall into a wireless data communication protocol.  Wireless routers send out a wifi signal to nearby compatible devices which render the signal into data. This protocol gives devices like laptops, mobile phones, smart TVs, and other compatible wireless devices internet access.

WiFi signals can be impacted by things like distance, walls, corners, and other wifi signals.

Wifi signal strengths differ depending on the router, but they all inevitably reach their limits and require signal strengthening to overcome physical obstacles. As a result, some parts of your house may have better wifi signal strength versus other areas. Hence reasons to know how to boost your wifi connection.


Boost Your WiFi With WiFi Repeaters

Wifi repeaters are devices to improve wifi coverage, as the name implies, they rebroadcast the existing wifi signal in a localized area. Wifi repeaters contain two wireless routers. One router picks up the wifi signal transmitted by the existing router then, rather than using that connection to access the internet, it sends the signal to the second wireless router which transmits the strengthened signal.

How To Boost WiFi Connection With  Range Extenders

A wifi range extender is a piece of equipment that would be placed between your wifi router and the area in which you want better wifi coverage. A range extender picks up the existing wifi network from your wireless router and rebroadcasts it, similar to a wifi repeater. This will dramtically boost your wifi.

The most challenging thing about a wifi range extender is the location in which it is placed. If it is placed incorrectly, it may not be able to get sufficient wifi signal from your wireless router to perform different functions simultaneously, such as streaming and engaging in online gaming, rebroadcasting, and watching a video.


Using WiFi Network Extenders to Boost WiFi Connection

Unlike a wifi repeater or extender, wifi network extenders directly communicate with your gateway or wifi router via a cable or ‘wire’. Wifi network extenders use this connection to make a second or third strengthened network.

The further away a device is from the wifi router/ source, the slower its performance. Using a network extender will shorten the distance between the devices in your home and the wifi signal, therefore increasing the devices’ speed.



Should you get a Wifi extender to boost your WiFi?

Before choosing to install a Wifi extender, consider trying a couple of solutions. The first is to move your wifi router. Ensure that it is in the most central area possible. If moving your router does not help boost your wifi connection or is just impractical to your circumstance, check if your router is upgraded.

Additionally, consider what you are trying to do with your wireless network. If it’s something light like web browsing or light Netflix streaming in areas further away from your router then an extender is likely the right fit for you.

Otherwise, if you rely on a speedy and consistent web connection for work or stream a lot of heavy content then you may gain more benefit from more extreme options such as a secondary router or a more compound wifi network.

Basic wifi extenders are much more affordable and easy to set up, compared to other options. They usually work with most device to help boost your wifi with a noticeable inccrease in speed or performance. They are portable and can work in any office or home setting.

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