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What is an IT Support Company and what does it do?

I’m sure many of us have heard of the words ‘IT support company’ but how many of you know what that actually is or better yet what it is they do? In this article I’ll be breaking down what exactly an IT support company is, what they do and what services they provide.

So, an IT managed services provider, more commonly known as an IT support company provides a range of different services needed by businesses struggling with their systems or would like extra assistance in managing or maintaining their systems.


What exactly is an IT support company?

An IT support company provides you with skillful guidance and management for one’s information technology needs. Its main focus is to provide users with answers to their technology – related problems and to offer assistance to individuals or organizations in need.

They provide services for large and small businesses and are comprised of IT specialists that make up the core team of the company.


What does an IT support company do?

Many companies in the digital region are dependent on IT support company to provide the assurance that their system of computers operate in an orderly function and connect properly. IT support companies work internally on computer software and hardware in a variety of ways that allow a business to be prosperous.


Working in primarily two ways:

  1. IT companies help by fixing present IT problems
  2. Preventing future IT problems through the implementation of preventative measures.

A few of the IT support services available include optimizing network performance as well as securing it against cyberattacks. Covering more than just assistance, IT also includes the setup, installation, configuration, and maintenance of network appliances.

They proactively monitor apparatus performance to increase productivity by preventing equipment failure. They are prepared to assist with backup site plans and disaster recovery.


What services do IT support company provide?

Offering many different combinations of services, IT companies are vital for the assurance of a prosperous business. These are a few of the services majority offer:


Managed IT support services:

This is a service where the entirety of IT infrastructure can be regulated by a third-party supplier (IT Support Company). It ranges from low-level assistance of software application and system supervision to high-level support including network backing, data interpretation and technical aid.

A crucial component of most businesses’ activity is the installation, setup and management of a company wide network. It defends your IT systems from of hackers, spyware or viruses through strategic network security protocols.


Consultancy Architecture:

A consultancy architect looks at the overall goals of the business and provides a bespoke plan to ensure your IT infrastructure will allow your business to prosper.


Implementation and design:

Keeping the larger picture in mind this service allows you to design and implement new features to your infrastructure. The implementation of new features without the integration of them into legacy systems is ineffective, costly and can be eluded.


IT Training:

There is hardly a point in establishing new, custom made joined-up IT systems if staff are uneducated in how to use them or safekeep data from harm.

Furthermore, the benefits of educating your team on how to use all the systems will broadly impact the success of your company.

Therefore, making regular training imperative for the prosperity of the business. This goal is achieved with a trusted IT support company.


IT Audits:

Offering an IT audit of all your hardware, systems, processes and controls, this service identifies any weaknesses within and then assesses and manages the risks.  Usually, the things uncovered are incorrect configurations, weaknesses in security as well as other major risks to the business.

These would have amassed over a period of time oftentimes when the business owner is oblivious.


In Conclusion:

When running a business, IT support companies provide loads of support and help the business to flourish. They assist with queries, fixing immediate IT problems and placing measures that will prevent future problems from occurring. By fixing and preventing failure of equipment, they reduce the downtime of the business, therefore largely increasing the productivity of the business.


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