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How To Fix Slow Internet on Pc

Discover How To Fix Slow Internet on Pc?

The Internet is a boundless system that connects computers in all corners of the world. We can share information and communicate with anyone from anywhere through the internet. As the internet has become a daily necessity in today’s society, having a good and fast internet connection is extremely beneficial.

Common causes of slow internet and how to solve them:

1. Too Many Backgrounds Applications

Programs can begin to automatically run in the background without any permission from the user, affecting your speed. You can use task managers help to eliminate these futile programs running in the background.

Solution: How to Fix a Slow Internet on PC

Press Control+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously. When a window appears, pick “Task Manager”.
Now you should see a window showing all the applications running in the background, press the application of your choice and click the End Task button to stop the application.

2. You are not managing your network accordingly.

If you are not able to upgrade the next thing is to manage and regulate the usage of your household’s internet.

How to fix a slow internet on pc solution:

Make use QoS settings

Most routers have a quality of service, also known as QoS, item that lets you control how certain kinds of data is prioritized. This way you are able to ensure that your streaming data receives first access to available bandwidth for effortless.

If your router does have adjustable QoS, the controls can be found in your router’s web interface.

3. You have a poor Wi-Fi signal

Many things can hamper your Wi-Fi signal. Weak Wi-Fi signals convey slow speeds and recurrent disconnects. A sign of weak Wi-Fi signals is good connection when close to your router and poor connection when far.This will affect the connectivity speed hence slow internet on PC.

Possible solution on how to fic a slow internet on pc:

The first step to fixing this problem is inspect your router’s placement. Its best to ensure that your router is in a central location, away from obstructions that interfere with your Wi-Fi signals such as walls, microwaves etc. If that doesn’t help, you might have to get a router equipped for longer distances or you could add an extender to your network to get the signals to cover more areas.

4. Your devices are slow or outdated.

Sometimes the problem is not with the connection but with your device. The specific device your using might not be able to process today’s Wi-Fi speeds.


If speed is an issue on your desk- or laptop, try power cycling. This is when you switch off your router for about 30 seconds and then back on again. This process removes junk in the memory, cleans out unnecessary files and refreshes your connection. An overworked processor is usually the main cause of speed issues and a quick power cycle, will having it working again.

Other things that can slow your devices down are:

  • Many open applications
  • Outmoded software an drivers
  • Many open browser tabs

5. You have a slow internet plan.

A sign that you’re using more data than your data plan allows if when your internet slows when too many people are online simultaneously. You receive a specific amount of bandwidth in your internet package and when there’s more information trying to get around than there is bandwidth, it becomes a traffic jam.

Solution to fix a slow internet plan

The simplest way to increase your bandwidth is by upgrading to a faster internet plan. One that can keep up your household.

To conclude, slow internet connection is a problem that many of us face. It is important to research what the cause of your slow connection may be and take the necessary steps to solve this issue.

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