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Windows 11

How To Upgrade or Install Windows 11


Upgrade or Install Windows 11? Windows 11 is here and it’s taking the security community by a storm!

First things first, what is there to know about windows 11?

Well, it is the current grand iteration of Microsoft Windows. After spending a few months in beta, Microsoft began the release of Windows 11 for users on October 5, 2021. It will however take longer for suitable systems to receive the update as the released version is having a staggered rollout.


The version released is short of a few features such as native android emulation which is currently being tested in beta. Nonetheless you are sure to wowed when you experience the new features added such as the new updates to Microsoft teams and the ability to download and play android applications on your windows PC.


The overall design and look of the software have also improved greatly harboring a cleaner and Mac-like appearance. Although unfortunately not all of the features are available right now.

Now the answer to the question on everyone’s minds: Should you really get windows 11?

I suppose the answer to this question is relative as it depends on what your preferences and priorities are, which is why I have listed a few of the definite facts of the new Windows operating system that will surely assist you in making up your mind!

Firstly, Microsoft names Windows 11 its most protected Windows to date, which unfortunately comes at the cost of backward compatibility.

Secondly, Windows 11 is a free upgrade and who doesn’t love a free deal? However, the minimum requirements of the operating system have increased making them higher than ever before.

Upgrade or Install Windows 11 Main Requirenment

TMP 2.0 more formally known as Trusted Platform Module 2.0 is one of the new requirements for the operating system meaning that in order for windows 11 to run TMP 2.0 needs to be enabled. It is the best in ensuring rootkits attempting to infect your Windows operating system no longer pose any threat.


To enable this however your computer generally needs to be from 2017 or above. If you don’t have TMP 2.0 then unfortunately that means you are unlucky. It is possible to buy a new motherboard but that would much more of an inconvenience and it would be much simpler and better to just by a new computer.

Windows 11 Security

There are still ways to download Windows 11 manually on unsuitable systems, however those include giving up on official updates that may come in the future though Windows Update and/or changing the windows 11 ISO file.

Definitely perform the Upgrade or Install Windows 11 if security is your main concern. If you prefer to stay updated on all thing’s security, Windows 11 will absolutely satisfy your needs. Windows 11 has a stronger security foundation from the ground up meaning you will get hacked less. It also means that computer viruses will be managed better.


Make the upgrade to Windows 11 if you want the most current features. Windows 11 brings in a plethora of new terrific features, some, if not most of which will be not available for Windows 10. While some features such as installing android apps on Windows 11 are not available yet, it is still possible to obtain them via unofficial means.

Windows 11 Multitasking

Upgrade or Install Windows 11 if you want even better than before multitasking. With the new snap- layouts, groups and the ability to remember your layouts for displays, Windows 11 has a definite focus on multitasking. Although these may be looked at as seemingly small things, they contribute to a much-improved multitasking experience.


Does Windows 11 have bugs?

Lastly, this being a newly manufactured operating system, how are the bugs?

Well, as most new operating systems do, Windows 11 has its fair deal of bugs. It might take a while for Windows 11 to reach the same point of refinery and level of bug free of Windows 10. Some specific bugs to name are the compatibility issues with IU elements and drawing issues in applications that use GDI+ and snipping tool problems.


Windows 11 older device compatibility

Legacy or older printers also may not work with the Upgrade or Install Windows 11, as usual. And finally, a few apps used by AMD Ryzen processors have presented a decrease in performance. To conclude I would advise that its best to stay away from windows 11 (for the time being) if you’re looking for a total bug free experience.

However, an advantage for some of you might be that Microsoft specifically designed Windows 11 for newer systems. As a consequence, you will have less of a chance of running into many performance dilemmas and bugs.


In Conclusion

To finally conclude this article, the question of whether or not to Upgrade or Install Windows 11 depends on whether you have the TMP 2.0, a computer from 2017 or newer and a few more other important requirements. This new operating system has benefits such as better security, a new Mac-like interface and it prioritizes multitasking as well. It does however contain its fair share of bugs and issues that need to be fixed.



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